Adjusting Your New LED Headlights

September 14, 2015

Adjusting your lights from the dash:

In some newer cars, the headlights can be simply adjusted by using a button or knob located near the right hand side of the dash for the driver. However if your vehicle doesn't have a button or knob use the steps below.


Adjusting your lights under the bonnet:

1.Park the vehicle on level ground approx 5m away from a flat vertical surface, your garage door will work.

2.Put a piece of tape horizontal marking where your current height of the low beam is on the wall for the both left and right hand sides.

3.Install the new “Titanium Series” LED Headlights.

4.Open the bonnet and look at the back of the headlight casing, on most models there will be two adjustment screws/bolts on the rear or top of each headlight-locate them and grab the right tool in order to adjust them. (check the owner’s manual to be sure they’re the right ones).

5.Cover one headlight with a towel or similar and turn the headlights on (you may want to have the engine running).

6.One screw will adjust the headlight up/down while the other will adjust left/right – keeping your eye on the beam on the wall slowly turn one of the screws to determine which direction it’s adjusting, if it’s not the way you want turn it back to the original location and use the other screw.

7.Ideally the beam on the wall should be no higher than the marked piece of tape you put on there at the start to give you the correct low beam height.

8.Repeat the procedure for the other headlight.