LED Work Lights

Best LED Headlights for Work Vehicle, Car, Tractor & Mining & Agriculture

Those that work outdoors need appropriate lighting solutions to ensure that they are able to be as efficient as possible when they undertake work that needs to be done. Read More

Farmers and miners are two of the key areas in Australia that are subjected to unconventional hours as well as working during challenging light conditions. As such, an LED vehicle work light makes all the difference, illuminating your workspace, no matter where it is and offering the kind of clarity required to do your job effectively and right there and then.

LED Vehicle Work Light Solutions for Australia

Here at LED Lightbars Australia, we are committed to ensuring that those that require the best lighting options, whether they are for their vehicles or for their work purposes only, can access them at the most cost-effective prices.

We have endeavoured to ensure that superior LED products are always in stock and ready to ship anywhere in the country free of charge, and we back this up with 12-month warranties and a personalised service that is second to none.

Some of the products that we stock, in a range of sizes and fittings include the following:

  • Licence Plate Bracket Combo
  • Single Row LED Light Bar
  • Diffused Flood Work Light
  • Cree Flood Beam Work Lights
  • Cree Spot Beam Work Lights
  • Small Flush Mount Flood Beam Cree Work Light

The Lighting Solution for Challenging Conditions

Here at LED Lightbars Australia, we stock the best LED headlights that are easy to install on your vehicle and will deliver natural light that won’t strain your eyes. This is a particularly important benefit that comes with choosing LED over halogen, particularly for those that work long hours in the dark, such as miners.

Having light sources in place that do not lead to operator eyestrain and fatigue means that you can expect a better level of productivity and can work safely for many more hours.

A LED mining light is an excellent solution in terms of longevity and cost reductions. Not only can they last for up to 40,000 hours, but they are also a maintenance-free solution. The lack of bulb replacements required combined with zero time lost completing such menial tasks makes them a smart, dependable solution.

Farmers are faced with difficult conditions and hours that are often very unsociable, and so, it is vital that when nature dictates that the work must be done, they have LED tractor lights that make doing the work a whole lot safer and afford them the possibility of doing the job right the first time, uninhibited by the dark.

An agricultural LED light offers wonderful energy efficiency and will not be a major burden on the batteries in any machine that it is used in. What’s more, it won’t wear down the alternator either. In an industry where every dollar counts, it is important that you can maximise the efficiency of your electrical system, and with LEDs, you have the possibility of doing so without overloading the system.

Find A Store Near You

Here at LED Lightbars Australia, we always invite those that prefer to shop in person to use our handy store locator, which is right here on the site. This will enable you to determine the nearest dealer to you and may make it possible for you to drop in and get a sense of just how good our products are. What’s more, why not check out the customer gallery to see our lights working for some of our past customers?

Regardless of whether you require an LED car work light or need something a little smaller to get you closer to a tricky problem that needs immediate attention, rest assured that the solutions you need are here at LED Lightbars Australia, and you can acquire them for a lot less.

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